Sunstainable development

Sustainable development is not a passing trend; it is a way of life. It is the constant search for new ways to work, that consolidate the values of economic development, social justice and protection of our environment.

Paysagiste Roche participates to the economic development by contributing to regional economics by choosing local materials and companies.

Our enterprise thinks that social justice is also very important, by offering good working conditions to the employees, a safe place to work, and a chance to give their opinion and to participate in the decisions made for the enterprise. Paysagiste Roche encourages youth to develop new talents and skills by giving support and tools to succeed.

Finally, we are constantly trying to apply and improve techniques to protect the environment. These include such endeavours as effective planning of our projects, favouring sustainable construction, effective management of construction and planting waste, good management and regular maintenance of vehicles, and finally, by designing arrangements that include plants naturally present in the environment, and integrating systems that allow the reduction and re-use of the water.